kaap14.jpg (26393 bytes)Kaapsche Hoop, well known for it's Wild Horses roaming freely, is a charming village situated in Mpumalanga , South Africa.  This popular tourist village is a haven of beauty, peace and tranquility.  With it's misty Mountains and high rainfall, Kaapsche Hoop has a cozy ambience and is the Nature lover's dream destination.

kaap1.jpg (55814 bytes)Kaapsche Hoop is rich in History and local art, and offers various leisure activities, such as Horse Riding, Hiking trails, etc.   With the local Restaurants, quaint shops and loads of accommodation, it makes for the perfect holiday!  Kaapsche Hoop is approx. 290km from Johannesburg, and only 28km from Nelspruit.  

We will let the lovely pictures speak for itself.
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